IEEE UofT Branch

2018 IEEE Hardware Hackathon

09:00 Feb 17 - 15:00 Feb 18


Join us at the IEEE Hardware Hackathon to transform your hardware ideas into reality! In this 36-hour event, you and your team will work with everything hardware to build a project from scratch. The hardware is provided by us - just bring your ideas!

Our hackathon is designed for everyone to participate, from beginners to hardware experts! To help facilitate your learning experience, we will be hosting 3 workshops throughout the event - featuring speakers from Qualcomm and AMD!



You have 36 hours to implement your project.



We are hosting three design workshops during the hackathon:
• Introduction to Arduino
• Qualcomm DragonBoard Workshop
• AMD Workshop



New to hacking? No problem! We have a team of veteran hackers who will guide you throughout this competition. Ask and you shall receive 100%!


What types of hardware will be there?

The challenge will be based on the Arduino Uno. We also have a wide assortment of peripheral boards, sensors and other hardware components.

When is the Deadline to Register?

The registration deadline is Jan 28th. Please have your application submitted by then!

How much does this cost?

To help fund our components, we are charging each participants $15 to compete.

What if I know very little about hardware - can I still come?

Yes! The Hardware Hackathon is for everyone from beginners to veterans. There will be a series of workshops throughout the event, where you will have the opportunity to learn about hardware design. Also, if you ever get stuck on your project - just ask one of the mentors that will be there on the day!

What do I need to bring?

The hardware is on us - just bring identification, a laptop and your ideas!

I don’t have a team or an idea - what should I do?

No worries! We can help you find a team at the event. Also, there will be mentors present at the event to help you generate ideas.

Everyone is going to be accepted right?

Unfortunately, no because there is only a limited number of hardware, compared to the number of applicants. You will be selected based on your experience and enthusiasm on hardware.